New & Used Stoves in Los Angeles

When shopping around for a stove, it’s important to consider all the factors such as lifespan, finish, cooking type, and price. The lifecycle of any appliance is important to consider. In general, trusted brands such as Maytag, GE, LG, and Whirlpool produce reliable products which they design to last over a decade. However, few actually use their appliances for the entire duration. That’s why we purchase pre-owned, scratched, and dented brand name appliances from people moving, as well as straight from manufactures, liquidation lots, and refurbished appliance dealers. We buy those pieces that people no longer need and resell the new and used stoves in Los Angeles to our customers, giving you a much better price on just as good of a product. Our inventory includes both gas and electric cooking stoves in a variety of styles to fit your preferences. Shop our collection of new and pre-owned stoves in Los Angeles today!